Typhoon sendong in the philippines

All these put together can come up with a huge sum of monetary aide. So here I write about the aftermath and what points can be best talked about. Please find it in your heart to donate the much needed food, medical supplies, clothes and of course, cash.

Aside from the Philippine government, various countries all over the world have already sent aide in cash and manpower. It ultimately brought extreme flooding and mudslides that resulted in over deaths with nearly people still missing across the southern Philippines.

It is so sad and shocking. With Christmas coming up in a few more days, the real reason behind the season as they always say is about giving and sharing.

There was even an Late on November 29, convection increased, aided by warm waters and low wind shear. We are yet to find out. At that time, the system's outflow improved, and convection near the eye thickened. And this happening a few days before Christmas is truly heartbreaking.

I never knew there was such a thing as a housing project for the poor. Relief food and medicines had been pre-positioned while thousands of people along the country's eastern border were being prepared for evacuation to safer ground in preparation for the typhoon.

The mountains all over Mindanao used to be covered with Primary Rain Forest but unfortunately for many years now these forests have been raped for their precious trees by not only commercial loggers but by local people for Charcoal Production and farmers who Slash and Burn the forest in order to create more areas of land for farming.

On December 17,the areas of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro of the Southern Philippines were hit when one month worth of rain fell in less than 2 hours thereby flooding rivers and causing landslides of properties.

Image of Washi after it moves past the Philippines. Aside from helping the dead, the same government agencies are constantly conducting relief operations to distribute goods for victims who are either staying in evacuation centers or have already started rebuilding their lives by going back to their muddy homes.

Washi dissipated in the South China Sea on December 20, It is part of a series of fundraising activities that began in December after the disastrous Typhoon Sendong ravaged the Southern part of the Philippines killing over people and displacing nearly 20, families.

You can help even with a minimal amount. LBC Express is now accepting donations for typhoon Sendong victims. Only Taxpayers engaged in trade or business are entitled to claim deductions for casualty losses. All Local Government Units know all this but the truth is that these people are voters so no Mayor is going to kick them out as they want their votes, Tragic but True.

The ABS CBN Foundation International is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Filipino children and their families in the Philippines and around the world.

Several days before this sad event happened the Philippine Weather Bureau, PAGASA forecast the track of the storm but seeing as Typhoons always go further north and do not hit Mindanao, the powers that be took no notice of it quite probably because they were preparing for Christmas and had little time for the weather.

Read More Man killed by metal sheet A man died after being hit by a metal sheet blown by the strong winds in northern Samar, the eastern region where the storm first made landfall, the state-run Philippines News Agency reported, citing regional authorities.

Washi pushed into the Philippines late Friday on December 16, and brought up to nearly eight inches of rain. When the Typhoon actually hit land, it dumped huge amounts of water on the mountains but unfortunately, because most of the forest had been harvested there was nothing to retain the mountain soil and landslides were caused all over the areas.

Locally, NGOs and even popular celebrities have been extending support. An animation showing the onset and movement of rainfall from Washi was created by Dr.

InKetsana killed people and resulted in over a billion dollars of damage, making it the worst tropical cyclone in the western Pacific for The Philippines actually named this storm Sendong. Despite its modest intensity, Washi had a huge impact on the island.

Many people in the areas affected were Squatters, they just set up their houses anywhere they want even if the area on which they choose to live is Privately Owned, Government or Dangerous, they just move in anyway.

2011 Typhoons in the Philippines

Bob and Feyma Martin are moving to the United States. Philippine President Benigno Aquino orders an investigation into national disaster, wonders if violations of logging ban exacerbated Typhoon Sendong damages.

REUTERS/Erik De Castro Food and medicine is distributed to victims of Typhoon Sendong (aka Typhoon Washi) in. Typhoon ‘Sendong’ (international name ‘Washi’) is said to be the world’s deadliest storm forleaving in its wake at least dead and hundreds more still missing.

It is so sad (and shocking!) to see so much devastation in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. The Philippines is "the most exposed country in the world to tropical storms" according to a Time Magazine article in In the Philippine languages, typhoons are called bagyo.

[3]. Typhoon BOPHA/Pablo again got stronger and is again a Typhoon CatIt is hovering over the West Philippine Sea. It’s future direction depends on so many parameters that a serious long-term forecast is not possible at this moment. Typhoon BOPHA/Pablo has again developed a clearly visible eye.

How to Donate to Typhoon Sendong Victims

The Philippines actually named this storm Sendong. It is important to note that the media will reference Sendong as “Washi”, which is the official name of the storm in the western Pacific. For less confusion, we will call this storm “Washi” for the remainder of this post. Dec 16,  · Typhoon Sendong is expected to bring bad weather to the Aklan region, as well as other parts of the country.

Currently Sendong is rated signal number 1 and is expected to affect Boracay tonight and tomorrow. Passenger boats may be canceled, resulting in people being stranded in Caticlan.

Typhoon sendong in the philippines
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