An analysis of the individuality within a puritan society in the novel the scarlet letter by nathani

The sunlight, which previously shunned Hester, now seeks her out, and the forest seems to glow. She was "Able" to deal with a town that hated her, and then a town that accepted her for her good works.

The mothers of the children in the community would point her out and tell their children not to be like her. We recognize her as the Hester from Chapter 1.

In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author attempts to show the way society casts out individuals simply because their ideas and deeds differ from the common values.

As the story begins the townspeople do not see her as a necessity but as a nuisance to get rid of. Hester believes herself a widow, but her husband, Roger Chillingworthreturns to New England very much alive and conceals his identity.

In The Scarlet Letter, those two branches of the government are represented by Mr. Hawthorne uses the symbol of the scarlet letter in his three main characters to criticize the puritan world and to question whether their beliefs and punishments are justified. The whole time the letter "A" was stitched upon her clothing it stood for only one thing, adultery.

Hester is spared execution only because the Puritans of Boston decided it would benefit the community to transform her into a "living sermon against sin. Mistress Hibbins symbolizes this world in The Scarlet Letter.

Puritan society created the witches… Cite This Page Choose citation style: In Chapter 3, Hawthorne describes Bellingham and the others sitting around Hester and says that, although they are "doubtless, good men, just and sage," it would be impossible to find men less capable of understanding the behavior of Hester Prynne.

Their fault was that they only saw Hester for the crime she had committed but not as the woman she was. Only Hester can face the future bravely as she prepares to begin a new life with her daughter, Pearlin Europe. If he is to remain true to himself and honest, as Hester says he must for his conscience's sake, then he must go back to the world in which he is comfortable, even if it eventually means his public humiliation and death.

The fact that the community went to so much trouble to never let her forget what she had done, and the fact that she accepts societies condemnation, says she does not run away from her problems.

Deeper it goes, and deeper into the wilderness It is here that Dimmesdale openly acknowledges Hester and his undying love for her. On Bellingham's walls are portraits of his forefathers who wear the stately and formal clothing of the Old World.

But the Puritan conscience is too deeply ingrained in Dimmesdale, and though he dabbles in sin on his way back to the Puritan stronghold, he is still a Calvinist at heart.

With this plea comes an interesting sort of role-reversal. In Puritan society, self reliance is stressed among many other things. What good have they done you anyway. Sin The Puritans believed people were born sinners. And no wonder, hemmed in, as you are, on every side by prohibitions.

In the scene in which Hester is released from prison, the narrator describes the town police official as representing the "whole dismal severity of the Puritanical code of law," which fused religion with law.

The rest, known as the "unregenerate," would be damned eternally. The forest itself is the very embodiment of freedom. June 14, in: He would not feel at home in the forest where the laws of nature surpass the bars that imprison individuals in Boston.

The Scarlet Letter Themes

When Dimmesdale asks for help, he is no longer sustaining the belief that he is above Hester. Finally, it is here that the two of them can openly engage in conversation without being preoccupied with the constraints that Puritan society places on them. Man and Salvation These early Puritans followed the writings of a French Protestant reformer named John Calvinwhose teachings saw the world as a grim conflict between God and Satan.

We said to each other. Hester had no obligation to feed the poor but she knew it was the right thing to do. So in a sense when the banish Hester they are banishing a part of themselves.

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The Elect were people chosen by God for salvation. The more this society strives to keep out wayward passion, the more it reinforces the split between appearance and reality.

No intrusion from people means no disturbance in the natural order, and therefore serves to bring its inhabitants away from their world, and into this older one.

Symbols, Society and the Individual Hester Prynne vs. the Puritan Community. Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter seems to be created around Hawthorne's obsession with the forbidding quality of the scarlet "A", the symbol from which the novel takes its title. In Hawthorne's revered novel The Scarlet Letter, the use of Romanticism plays an important role in the development of his characters.

He effectively demonstrates individualism in Hester to further our understanding of the difficulties of living in Boston, the stern, joyless world of Puritan New England. Expository Essays term papers (paper ) on The Scarlet Letter - Individuality within a Puritan Society: Often in society people are criticized, punished and despised for their individual choices and flaws.

In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, b. Term paper In his classic novel, The Scarlet Letter, author Nathaniel Hawthorne explores the themes of legalism, sin, and guilt, themes that all relate to Puritanism. Legalism, or over-emphasis on.

A summary of Themes in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Scarlet Letter and what it means.

Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Based in a New England town, The Scarlet Letter points out the way in which women are treated in the puritan world and the way in which earthly sins are severely punished.

Set in the 17 th century, Nathaniel Hawthorne presents the society as strict with Christian-like rules and principles to abide by. This was a close representation of the actual society.

An analysis of the individuality within a puritan society in the novel the scarlet letter by nathani
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The Puritan Setting of The Scarlet Letter